Hey I’m Sue

Wow what a fantastic year!  Well think it is, but in all reality I have been so busy with the creation of Wild on Walls that the year has flown by.

Combining my love of art and photography together whilst being challenging (as my paintbrushes are glued to my hand and I’d just built a new art studio) has been a lot of fun. My camera goes with me everywhere and I’ve slowly become to realize photography is just an extension of my art, the subject has to be interesting visually, attractive colours and the composition tell a story –  just like a painting.

So when people ask me what I do for a job, I tell them I’m an Artist!

Outside Colour Fun

I sat in the spa pool staring at the garden shed that was right in my line of sight, how boring I thought it definitely needs some colour, in fact the whole garden was lacking in colour as nearly all the plants were tropical green, maybe a plant growing up the side then.

Hmm… no not possible as there is decking all around plus that’s what everyone does. I wanted to make my garden shed into an object of beauty a real talking point. Earlier that day I’d been out with my camera and was lucky enough to get a great shot of a ‘Tui’ bird feasting on a Kowhai tree, I say lucky enough as my dog Maddie was with me, but the bird didn’t seem to care. I loved the photograph but couldn’t see it working anywhere inside the house, there are just too many of my paintings around, so I thought why not outside on the shed!

It’s now been outside for 3 1/2 years waterproof and UV stable.

I just had to brighten up the art studio too – oh and the fence!